9 Tips to Finding a Great Apartment Rental in Burlington, VT

Chuck and Cindi Burns 01/02/2018
  1. Location, Location, Location –   You can probably decorate the apartment to your liking but ask yourself can I live with the location. Is it near my school, shopping, my job and busing?   Convenient to restaurants and the Interstate for traveling?   Is there anything I like about the location? If not, keep looking and ask the landlord/agent if they have more options.
  1. Apartments with heat included can sometimes be the better deal and this way you can pinpoint your budget a little bit better for all the seasons in Vermont.
  1. General condition, if the apartment is not clean at time of viewing. Ask the landlord/agent what will be cleaned and what will be painted. Will any flooring be cleaned/shampooed or replaced such as carpeting?   Add these details to your lease prior to signing.
  1. Does the property offer good outside lighting in the evening? Safety should always be taken into consideration.
  1. Is there any off-street parking? Worth it’s weight in gold when the parking ban lights are on in the City of Burlington.
  1. Are the landlord(s) and/or management teams experienced?
  1. Is there is a maintenance person/crew for repairs?
  1. Are the rooms big enough for your furniture and personal items?   Not sure, take measurements.
  1. If you’re into sunshine, figure out which rooms have the best sun exposure.

Good luck with your search and always reach out to Burlington Property Management for some of the best locations and apartments in Burlington, VT.


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